Who We Are

The Common Futures Network (CFN) provides a forum for debate and  conversations about the futures for the nation. It seeks to promote a more strategic approach to the current problems and future threats to the quality of life and economic well-being  of the UK. The Network therefore seeks to break out of the current constraints  on policy innovation and to establish  a longer term Prospectus for shaping the future of the UK, and in particular England. 

The Network is based on the recognition that the ambitions of all governments of whatever political persuasion will only be fully successful if they are integrated into national development framework  for social, economic and environmental change. At present, there are the foundations of such an integrated approach in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland set out in their respective national development frameworks. There is however no equivalent for England.

The Network has as a matter of urgency drawn up the Agenda required to fill this gap to benefit all communities – from rural areas to our great cities. It is a starting point for  developing a longer-term Prospectus of Common Futures for the nation, and its implications for cross border collaboration It represents a contemporary response to the radically changed circumstances in which the nation finds itself.

The CFN is an independent network of informed and interested individuals, with a wide range of backgrounds, including housing, infrastructure, economics, ecosystems as well as planning and development.  You can become a member of the network  by clicking register/login tab above.  Further information is included in this Press Release.